Cotton Candy Cake Pops

Who doesn’t love cake–and cotton candy?! I made these cute Cotton Candy Cake Pops for my daughter’s preschool class’ Halloween celebration tomorrow. She enjoyed taste testing and keeping my plate loaded with sprinkles.

My trick for flavoring your vanilla coating and make it more than just plain vanilla? Add a few shakes of icing powder flavoring to your melted vanilla wafers.


The wafers will take on the color of the powder, so choose colored wafers to make the best background color to match your sprinkles (ex: use yellow vanilla wafer chips with pink, strawberry powder for an orange tinted cake pop). Our favorite flavors are cotton candy (blue) and strawberry (pink) using a vanilla/almond cake recipe.

October 2013 - Halloween 3
October 2013 - Cotton Candy Cake Pops

Feel free to comment below with any questions or tips you have for cake pop creations!

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