Bottle Cap Necklace

I started working on a new craft project–bottle cap necklaces.  These are fairly simple to make, you’ll just need: string, beads, pre-flattened bottle caps (I purchase mine already punched with a ring to string them to save time), 1″ punch or a steady hand to cut a circle, 1″ epoxy circles, and a printed image or 1″ circle.

I made a Girl Scout necklace for my daughter (below), as well as one with her school colors and logo.  This is a fairly simple craft that can be customized to any girl’s liking!

November 2013 - Girl Scouts Bottlecap Necklace

To start, purchase pre-made 1″ stickers or print a design.

Using a 1″ punch, cut out the design.

Press the 1″ epoxy circle on the design.

Glue the epoxy sticker to the bottle cap.

Thread beads on your string.

Slide the bottle cap on the beaded string.

Tie your necklace at the desired length.  And, you’re done!

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