Texas Snow Day – Indoor Gardening Activity for Kids

It’s not everyday (or year) that the kids get a “snow day” in Texas.  But today they did.  Yesterday I grabbed a little garden greenhouse set for the girls to plant seeds this winter in preparation for Spring, and I decided that a snow day is a great day to bring that life inside. Although they do love playing with the ice-sickles and frozen items outside, they need to warm up every now and then too.  So, I put them to “work”.  To make your own greenhouse project, grab a small plastic box like the one below (I got one that’s already setup at Lowes with small soil pods) and a few packages of seeds.  20140123_192341

Since I have two children planting, I let them divide each package into two bowl–and then had them count the seeds for good measure 🙂

20140123_191116 copy

Next, fill a watering can with warm water and pour over the soil disks.  The water (if warm enough) will make them expand, and then you can add the seeds. I have used soil disks before that were to be soaked in a bowl of water, which is quite effective too if you aren’t using a self-watering greenhouse like this one.


We added about 4 pepper seeds to each pod, and 2 sunflower seeds to each pod (we had some seeds left over).  The container that we used has 32 pods, but they sell larger (and smaller) sets.


If you’d like, add labels to your rows so that you can tell your plants apart.  You can download the file for the 2″ circle labels that I created for our greenhouse by clicking HERE.  If you’d like to use a 1″ circle, print the file at 75%.  I used a 1″ scalloped circle and taped them to toothpicks.


Next, put the lid on top, place near a sunny window, water your seeds every couple of days, and watch them grow!

20140124_121911 copy

Note: As you see here, the plastic lid will become foggy.  This is supposed to happens–it means your plants are warm and hydrated!


Enjoy growing plants with your little ones and explaining the beauty of life with them!


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