Disney’s Frozen Birthday Party Idea – Ice in the Summer

At this point my family and I have seen Disney’s Frozen more than once–and both of my girls want a “Frozen party”.  The downside: their birthdays are in the summer.  The upside: I have 6+ months to plan.

olof summer

While in the theater last night, I noticed that the ice block scene if very powerful.  And given my recent soap-making hobby, I made a connection: glycerin soap blocks look a lot like ice blocks.

20140119_151824_Richtone(HDR)Obviously, soap blocks won’t melt–regardless of how hot it is–and they’ll make adorable, realistic looking decorations.  Once the party is over, send the girls home with a few blocks in their goody bags.  Or, let the girls make soap as the party craft.  It’s quick and simple to make, plus it’s a favor that the kids can actually use (and be proud of)! If you’d like to purchase snowflake favors instead of making your own, click the image below.

Frozen Party FavorsIf you’ve never made melt and pour soap, check out my previous soap tutorial blog post by clicking here.  Remember to visit my blog again for more party planning tips, and feel free to message me with your own.