Wallykazam T-Shirts – Nickjr

If you haven’t heard, nickjr has a new show called Wallykazam. It’s a fun show geared toward preschool-aged children that promotes literacy. The show is fun, colorful, and educational. Because it’s only been on tv for a few weeks, nickjr does not have merchandise available. For my children who watch the show everyday, that’s a problem. So, last night I broke down and made Wallykazam t-shirts for them.

Wallykazam Shirt 5

Wallykazam Shirt 3

Nickjr is amazing for multiple reasons, one being that they offer free printables, crafts, etc. The image I used on the girls’ shirts was available online. I simply added a layered border to make the image stand out more on the shirts.

If you’d like to make your own Wallykazam shirt like the ones shown above, you can download my free printable here: Wallykazam T-Shirt Printable. Simply print the image onto Avery transfer paper (I used “Dark Transfers”), trim the excess areas, and iron onto your t-shirt. The shirts are available at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 in an array of colors. Take along your 40% coupon, and the shirt is yours for $2.39. For less than $5.00, you can purchase all the supplies needed to create an adorable shirt for your child.

To learn more about Wallykazam, click here. At the provided link you can download Wallykazam printables, watch episodes, and play online games–all for free.


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